operations division

"Good Gangsters in Town" Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Taipei, Taiwan. 2008
June 21 - Aug 3 2008



The project was conceived as part of the exhibition Good Gangsters in Town, curated by the team of Esther Lu and Adnan Yildiz. It emerged from a dialogue between myself and Yildiz regarding the act of curating and the concerns of museums as places of dialogue, institutions of power and the place of curators, artists and viewers within these machines. The project consisted of a series of architectural interventions in a covered section of one of the museum’s sculpture parks. Four elements were constructed outside the building proper in a loose circle. These consisted of the tower/scaffold wall, the lean-to/site office, the bureaucrat’s desk and the entrance hall. A single element inside the building consisted of a guard kiosk watching the entrance/exit to the external elements of the installation.

The work was an attempt to work through ideas of a kind of do it yourself approach to architecture, made from materials at hand and following forms suggested by the location of the work within the city of Taipei and the museum itself. Visitors were encouraged to enter the space and occupy the structures and spaces as they saw fit. In the site office drawings from the process of building the structures were left on the work table for the duration of the exhibition.

Special Thanks to Jim Bomford and Arthur Tsai for their help and assistance on the project.