ich vergleiche mich zu dir

The project "ich vergleiche mich zu dir" is composed of 2 parts, a digital video projection and a series of 57 life size portraits of the planaria, done on paper.

"Planaria" digital video loop projection (dimensions variable) 2002

"Portraits" acrylic on paper (hung in grid dimensions variable)

The video is that takes planaria as a subject, and explores their capabilities as an art medium.   The video sequence involves following a planarian across the video screen in an endless search for something never revealed.   The worm has two heads, on which light sensitive eye spots are located.   Both heads have control over the motion of the worm, and the choice of the direction of motion is not always settled on unanimously between both heads. At moments in the video sequence visible struggle between the two heads occurs. With the immensely magnified projection of the planaria a dialogue is opened up surrounding the issues of modern scientific experimentation in relation to the human form. Through anthropomorphism the planaria's role changes from one located in elementary biology, to one of tragic realism. I am exploring the relationship between the human body, consciousness, language and science. I found the idea of a creature with two heads intriguing in the sense that it is representative of my investigation with duality, and also presents an opening for a dialogue that investigates historical anxieties, eugenic fantasies, and emerging realities evolving from contemporary genetic research.